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What is counselling and how is it helpful?

Counselling is the opportunity to talk confidentially with someone who is independent from every other aspect of your life. Without judgement, your counsellor will listen as you explain what it is like to be you. The experience of being accepted for who you are, can build your self-acceptance whilst decreasing your sense of self-consciousness. With sensitivity, your counsellor will guide and support you to explore your thoughts, emotions and behaviours, to help you understand the ways you respond to different challenges. With this self-knowledge you can gain more control over your reactions, improve your relationships, and grow your sense of identity. Instead of giving you advice, counselling can help you discover the solutions that are right for you. Through encouragement and challenge, counselling can improve your self-esteem, and your ability to make and act on your own choices. 


Nai’s House offers 18–30-year-olds, affordable, weekly 50-minute counselling sessions with qualified and training counsellors. As there are no fixed number of sessions, the work can continue for as long as it is beneficial to you. Counselling begins with questions to get an overview of your mental and physical health, living environment and relationships, to understand how counselling might help you with the issues that are troubling you. 

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