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Who we are and why we do what we do

Nai's Story

Dené (Nai) struggled with poor mental health from a young age. As she grew up, the daily battles that she courageously fought became more and more challenging. At times during her teenage years she received help from CAMHS. It never seemed enough or that the right questions were asked. She never felt like it really helped.

In August 2016 Dené was referred to AMHS and assessed as a medium to high risk of suicide and diagnosed with a personality disorder. She was discharged in November and told to refer herself to another service. She was not seen before she was discharged and there was no follow up by AMHS.

On the 21st February 2017, aged 22, Dené ended the battle, the war that raged in her head on a daily basis, and she took her own life.

She was a mother, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

Her passion was helping others, and she was just beginning her journey towards becoming a qualified psychotherapist.

We consider Nai’s House to be Dené’s final gift to all those she would have gone on to help, if she had received the professional support she asked for, but never got.

More About Us

Our Mission

To offer a holistic service that saves lives, provides customised support and projects, and that promotes positive emotional and mental well-being and suicide prevention through training and community engagement.


We are trained in suicide prevention and youth mental health first aid, and will respond appropriately to all those in crisis.


Our 1-2-1 supporters meet with young people regularly to talk through their emotional and mental health needs.


We offer counselling appointments for a small fee with qualified and trainee counsellors.

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Body & Mind

We offer complementary therapies and activities to help ease the symptoms associated with poor mental health.


We offer a range of suicide prevention training to help you to help those in your community who are in need of support.

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Family & Friends

Find support, including for bereavement, amongst others, share experiences, and be signposted to other services.

Our belief

Prevention is the best approach to investing in the emotional and mental well-being of future generations and in reducing the number of deaths by suicide.

How We Help

We offer consistent, confidential support that is delivered in a non-clinical environment and is tailored to meet individual need.

Our Team

Created and delivered by people powered by passion and by personal experiences, and motivated by the need to ensure that our future generation’s well-being is properly invested in.


Life can be hard enough without the stress and isolation of lockdown restrictions. If you're struggling, we offer remote support and advice on how to cope at this time.


"Nai's House is mega supportive to their clients with holistic support and positive goals."

Our Team

Meet the Nai's House team and find out more about their experience and expertise.
Gem Barrett

Gem Barrett

I'm the founder of Nai's House and Dené's (Nai's) mum. I have many years experience of youth work in both the public and charity sector and am motivated by both my personal and my professional experiences. My role is to manage the day-to-day running of Nai's House and to ensure that we're continuously progressing towards meeting our vision and aims for the future.

Heidi Ryan

Heidi Ryan

As a counsellor, I recognise that building and maintaining healthy self-esteem and mental wellbeing depends upon having both a sense of purpose and a feeling of belonging. I choose to be part of Nai’s House because I see that this charity offers belonging and purpose to guests and supporters alike. I hope that my work with Nai’s House will help to reduce loneliness, increase hope and develop greater self-acceptance in those who connect with us.

Alicia Roscoe

Alicia Roscoe

I have been a yoga teacher for 7 years and I am passionate about sharing well-being tools and practices to support and elevate mental health. I teach many different styles of yoga as well as meditation. I feel strongly that we all need space and time to heal and cultivate self-love. I am very grateful to be part of Nai’s House team which provides a safe place for young adults to be supported. I also run a yoga and events platform and I also have a 7 year old daughter Amaryllis who often comes to Nais House with me.

Shirin McGregor

Shirin McGregor

I strongly believe that everyone should have a voice and be heard. Having worked in person focused roles for the whole of my life and in an education setting for 13 years, I am very much aware that life for young people does not always run smoothly. Anything that can be done to support in a positive way, giving coping skills for life and an introduction to holistic therapies has to be valued.

Amber Knewman

Amber Knewman

Hi! I’m Amber. I’ve been with Nai’s house since we launched in September 2019. I am driven by personal experiences and by wanting to create a safe space for young people to be themselves. Absolutely adore being creative and colourful, will usually be seen wearing funky earrings.

Clare Bricknell

Clare Bricknell

I have volunteered with Nai’s House since it opened in September 2019. I am driven by my passion for helping people and improving access to mental health support. I am also a trained Mental Health Peer Supporter for the Blue Light Network.

Ali Allen

Ali Allen

I have been a holistic therapist for over 20 years and have been working with Nai’s House since it started in September 2019. Nai’s House has come to play such an important part of my life. There’s something about being able to help young people with the symptoms they experience as part of their poor mental health and improve their general wellbeing by providing a safe, calm space for them that I find fulfilling.

Millie Anderson

Millie Anderson

Fuelled by personal experiences I have been volunteering at Nai's House since September 2020 with the hope to provide a space of safety and sanctuary for our guests. I believe we all have the right to access support and education on mental health and wellbeing, and that being given these tools can be life-changing. Additionally, I have been professionally supporting people for 6 years. I am a Mental Health First Aider and I'm currently doing my Psychology Masters. I love the work we do and I'm here to listen, learn and grow.

Alison Knewman

Alison Knewman

I have volunteered with Nai’s House since it opened in September 2019. My role is to offer a listening ear and peer support to caregivers looking after a child with poor mental health.

Karen Sexton

Karen Sexton

I work alongside Alison in supporting caregivers and also help to deliver our bereavement support to the wider community. I have a level 3 counselling certificate and over 20 years experience working with children and young people.

Our Network.

Bicester Boxing Club
We are excited to be collaborating with Daza Usher and the Bicester Boxing team on a number of projects aiming to complement and combine physical and mental well-being. Bicester Boxing Club are members of England Boxing and the British Boxing Board of Control.
Preventing Suicide Workshops Ltd
We are proud to be working in partnership with Andrew Russell and Dr Isobel (Izzy) Russell to offer a range of evidence based suicide prevention workshops. Andrew and Izzy share over 40 years of Health and Social Care experience, as well as being experienced trainers.